Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yay! Deadlifts!

Complete 5 rounds of:

Deadlift, 3 reps
Max rep Handstand push-ups
Post load and reps for each round

1. DL 205, 6 hspu
2. DL 210, 6 hspu
3. DL 215, 6 hspu
4. DL 220, 6 hspu
5. DL 225, 6 hspu

For the HSPU, I used 1 abmat and one of the thin 10lb plates. I need to get something about a half inch lower, because I think I can go that deep.  I'm getting there.  Some day I'll remember how that kip worked...I thought I had it down a few months ago and then it just went away.  

Deadlifts felt pretty good today. I haven't gone heavy on them in a while.  Started to just go 205# across the board, but decided to increase each time.  Good workout!!

The warm-up today was 30 muscle ups (or progressions) for time.  Still having issues with hanging from the bar from those damned pull ups last week, so I worked on ring dips instead.  I had one that might have actually counted as legit, but I'm still not 100% yet.  And one ring dip isn't going to get me very far.  ha ha  Anyway, I did 35 attempts.

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