Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another PR!

Okay, so today was The Bear Complex.  And I love that workout. But, alas, I am still letting my knee heal up from whatever the heck was wrong with it.  It's getting there, but I didn't want to do any deep heavy squats and chance messing it up.

So, I decided to row a 5K.  I know.  Torture, right?  Yes it was.  But, having rowed a lot more lately than in the past, I am finally starting to understand finishing the pull, etc. and how to pace and all that.  I just set a new PR about two weeks ago on a 5k row.  I figured today would be about the same or slower.  But as I hit the last 1000m, I realized I might actually PR it again!

And I Did!!

My new 5k Row PR is 23:32.5 !!


  1. Congrats for the PR!

    I haven't gone for 5k yet, 2k for time is the longest distance I've done by far. Can you tell what was your strategy and has been in the past when you've done this workout? How would you compare your speed in such a long distance with shorter distances?

    Thanks already for the answer! You have an active blog so it's nice to browse it through.


  2. Thanks. Glad you enjoy my blog.

    Well, I finally started actually listening to my coach about finishing the pull, slightly leaning back and pulling hard, as well as not bending your knees on the return until the handle passes over your knees. Also it has helped for me to keep an eye on the pace. I try to keep the pace number below 30, somewhere around 28-30. It seems to be the most efficient for me.