Monday, October 22, 2012

Rest & Recovery

I have taken four rest days.  Actually I planned on taking Friday as an extra rest day, because my husband and I took a short trip out of town.  Saturday and Sunday are my usual rest days.  But today, I was still not at the point of being able to extend my arms fully, nor am I able to bring them completely over my head without considerable pain.

This is all thanks to my being too ambitious on Thursday and doing "Angie" as prescribed.  I had some serious inflammation and incredible soreness.  I mean to the point of agony.  You wouldn't believe - it was an effort to lift a beer!

The interesting thing is, I have done this workout many times, as prescribed with zero problems the next day. It's just that it has been a good long while since I have done that volume of pull-ups in one workout.  I do recall the very first time I ever did 100 pull ups (with a band!) back in 2008, and the very same thing happened - swelling and excruciating pain for about 6 days. 

Anyway, hopefully by tomorrow I'll be able to have decent range of motion and do whatever WOD is posted.  I'm ready to get back to the gym!

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