Friday, August 29, 2014

Really Friday

2 Rounds for max reps of:
2 Minutes: Max rep bench press (115#, 75#)
1 Minute rest
2 Minutes: Max rep box jumps (30”,24”)
1 Minute rest
2 Minutes: Max rep GHD sit-ups
1 Minute rest
2 Minutes: Max rep calorie row
1 Minute rest

Rx, except box steps instead of jumps

Box: 39-40
GHD: 36-37
Row: 24-24
Bench: 16-19

Total reps: 237

 Strength was bench press:

 Bench 3 ea @ 55-65-75-85-95

Off to play for a few days!  Ta-ta!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jumpin' for Joy! TGIF!

First...this is my Friday.  Yay!!

Ok...I jumped today!  Ha!  I haven't run or jumped in about 7 weeks.  Today I did lateral jumps over the barbell, albeit an empty barbell, I still did it!  And guess what....

I'm not in any pain at all.

I'm healed!!  Woo hooo!!!!  Now I can run and jump again.  And do burpees...oh shit!  Not good!  Maybe I should sandbag a few more weeks.   Kidding!  I'm ready to do some running.  Gotta ease into it though.  I don't want another damn injury.

10 Thrusters (135#, 95# or load for 8-10 unbroken)
50 Lateral barbell jumps
8 Thrusters
40 Lateral barbell jumps
6 Thrusters
30 Lateral barbell jumps
4 Thrusters
20 Lateral barbell jumps
2 Thrusters
10 Lateral barbell jumps

My time:  5:55, modified

I used 65# for the thrusters, and did lateral jumps over an empty bar. 

Strength was thrusters.  5-3-2-2-1-1-1
My loads:  45-50-55-65-70-75-80


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Deadlifts, among other things...

As many reps as possible in 3 minutes of:
Deadlift (225#, 155#)

My reps:  39, Rx

rest 2 minutes

As many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:
10 GHD Sit-ups
10 Back Extensions

My reps: 90

rest 3 minutes

As many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
1 Mile run Row
Max rep power snatch with remaining time (75#, 55#)

My reps:  15, Rx

Total reps:  144

Fun morning!  I always enjoy deadlifts.  These three workouts back to back were a killer.  By the time I got on the rower, I was practically in respiratory failure.  Ha!  I managed to finish somewhere around 8 minutes & 10 seconds-ish.  Got to my bar and tried to out-do Shannon, but failed.  Still it was fun competing with her this morning.

Deadlifts were the strength today. 
5 sets of 3 each @ 85-115-1415-175-205

Monday, August 25, 2014


Clean & Jerk 15-12- and 9 reps
Touch and go at floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. No dumping. Use same load for each set. 5 minutes b/w sets.

Went with 70# today
and made all rounds.  Sadly this is 10 lbs lighter than my PR, set 3 years ago, and I am 10 lbs heavier today.  Ugh!!

5 minute rest, then

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
10 Strict pull-ups
20 Push-ups
30 Jumping alternating lunges

My rounds = 5 + 5 plu, scaled

I scaled this to 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 lunges, not jumping...just stationary.  Feeling rough this morning from the weekend.  I started out with strict pull ups, then went to kipping. Got 2 strict on the first round, then one on the second.

Friday, August 22, 2014


For time:
1 Mile run Row
20 Burpees 25 GHD sit ups
800 Meter run Row
30 Burpees 25 GHD sit ups
400 Meter run Row
50 Burpees 25 GHD sit ups

Time:  21:16

Subbed the heck out of this one.   One more week and I'll be (hopefully) able to go back to running and jumping.  I do miss running, but I don't miss burpees. 

Going to work for a little while today and then off to some doctor appointments and errands.  I'm ready for the weekend!!!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

F*ckin' Fran

Every day I wake up and look at my phone to see the posted workout.  And every day, I think to myself, "Oh, please don't let it be Fran".  And today...of was Fran.  I've already skipped one day this week, so I really had no choice but to go gut it out. 

I really didn't want to do it at all.  But Breck, as usual, told me to get my mind right.  The only way I could get my mind right was to compromise with myself and do the workout, but scale the weight.  Now, I don't know WHY I scaled the weight...I've done this workout Rx a zillion times, with far better times than I achieved today.  Anyway, I think I still got a good workout.  It took me an hour and a half to stop sweating afterward.

21-15 & 9 rep rounds of:
Thruster (Men 95 lbs, Women 65 lbs)

My pathetic time:  11:13, 55#

So glad that's over.  Next time I'll try to have a better attitude about it. 

And...the day can only get better from there.  :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy Hump Day!

The 5 am class was packed this morning!  Makes it kind of fun when there are tons of people. Some of them, though...just make me shake my head.  Breck has the patience of a saint.  Simple things that are super easy to understand have to be explained over and over.  Not sure how some of these people even tie their shoes.


Our strength today was shoulder press.  One of my biggest weaknesses.  Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes - 5 shoulder press at 75% of 1RM.  Well my 1RM last time I checked, was around 90 lbs, but I must have been feeling way strong that day (back in 2011).  Anyway, I started out with 55# and made it through 7 rounds.  Well, the last rep of round 7 was not a full lock out.  Fail.  Then I dropped to 45# for the last 3 rounds. 

The WOD today was actually 3 mini-WODS:

As many reps as possible in 3 minutes of:
400 Meter run   subbed       Row 400m
Max rep box jumps (24”, 20”)   subbed   Max reps Sit ups
My reps:  42

3 Minute rest

As many reps as possible in 3 minutes of:
50 Kettlebell swings (55#, 35#)
Max rep pull-ups
My reps:  5 pull ups, Rx

3 Minute rest

As many reps as possible in 3 minutes of:
Row (Men 500 meters, Women 400 meters)
Max rep wall ball shots (20#, 14#)
My reps:  11 WB, Rx

Haven't used a 14 lb wallball in for-ev-er!!  So heavy.  Ha ha.  I'm going to try and get back to using the Rx weight, though it slows me down so much.  That's the reason I went to a lighter ball to begin with - to keep the intensity level up.  We shall see.

Fun morning, great workout!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Well, let's see.  I've been slacking again.  I took off yesterday, just because my stomach was a wreck.  Anyway I got my butt out of bed this morning and went in for this fun little WOD:

For total points:
5 Rounds of:
2 Minutes to complete:
250 Meter row for men and 200 Meter row for women
Max rep dumbbell thrusters with remaining time.
2 Minute rest

Men:                                                                              Women:
35 lb db’s=1 Point                                                       15 lb db’s=1 Point
40 lb db’s=2 Points                                                    20 lb db’s=2 Points
45 lb db’s=3 Points                                                    25 lb db’s=3 Points
50 lb db’s=4 Points                                                    30 lb db’s=4 Points
55 lb db’s=5 Points                                                    35 lb db’s=5 Points
60 lb db’s=6 Points                                                   40 lb db’s=6 Points
65 lb db’s=7 Points                                                    45 lb db’s=7 Points
70 lb db’s=8 Points                                                   50 lb db’s=8 Points
75 lb db’s=9 Points                                                    55 lb db’s=9 Points
80 lb db’s=10 Points                                                 60 lb db’s=10 Points

My results: 8 thrusters each round using 30# db's = 160 points

I actually thought this was pretty good, and I was feeling pretty strong.  Until I saw Natalie and Jessica's scores.  Holy - what the heck?  Those girls are TINY but they kicked my butt.  Does it count that I/m much older than both of them? 

Looking forward to seeing what's in store tomorrow. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Holy Moly!  This is a birthday WOD for Chandler.  She's 21 today.  Um, I'm not 21 and I sure felt it!!

As many rounds as possible in 21 minutes of:

8 Dumbbell thrusters (Men 45# dumbbells, Women 30# dumbbells)
13 Toes to bar
93’ Sled push (Men 35# plate, Women 15# plate)

My rounds:  4 + 5 ttb - Used 20# db's

This about killed me.  Well, not killed, but man it was a tough one  But I think it was mainly because of the strength.  We did sled pushes in the strength, which got kind of out of hand in the last round when Andy suggested we do "as many as possible in two minutes" in the last round.  Yeah, that wasn't smart.  I was wiped out after that.  ;)

It was a fun, challenging morning, and I'm still feeling it.

50' sled push with 1 min time limit, rest remainder of 5 min
empty sled
last round I did 4 sets in the two minute time cap.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Row, Row, Row

Okay, today's posted WOD was the Jenks Mile.  I'm still rowing.  And rowing.  And rowing.

Two and a half more weeks and I can try running again!  Yay!!  I miss it so much.  And, I got some new running shoes, on the recommendation of my ortho (and friend).  Actually I didn't buy the pair she recommended, but I did get some with a bit of padding rather than the "barefoot" shoes I've been running in (and getting stress fractures!!).  I stuck with Merrell because I love the way their shoes fit me. 

Ta-da... it's the Merrell Bare Access Ultra.  Hope I'm going to love them. 

In the meantime, I'm still rowing.

CFJ Mile on a rower
400m - 1:47
200m - 0:52
400m - 1:49
200m - 0:54
400m - 1:49

Strength was 20 min of odd minute - 1-5 snatches and even minute, muscle ups or wall climbs.  Or if you're me, you make up your own.  ha ha

I did odd minutes 3 snatches at 55#
and even minutes 1 strict pull up, sometimes two, and sometimes I couldn't get over the bar.  I think I had two "no reps"

Monday, August 11, 2014


“G.I. Jane”
For time:
100 Burpee pull-ups
“G.I. Grace”
10 Rounds for time of:
3 Clean and Jerk (135#, 95#)
10 Burpee Pull-ups

My time:  13:07 - modified version

I did 10 rounds of 3 clean & jerk at 75#, and 5 pull ups.  This was plenty for me on a Monday morning.  I'm not doing burpee pull ups because of the "no jumping" for my stress fracture.  Annoying.  And I have really had to back down on the weights for stuff like a jerk, because that requires a bit of a "jump" action.  So I kept the weight where I could essentially push press it.  Less stress on the leg.  Tick tock

Strength was "Death by 10 Meters".   And guess where I was?   On the friggin' rower.  Of course.  I was able to keep going for 16 rounds on the rower.  I've never made it past 12 rounds on the actual run.  Ha!  Maybe I shouldn't complain and just stick with rowing.

Friday, August 8, 2014


Okay, I've had something going on in my upper back since late June.  I've babied it and let it somewhat heal up, but today I jacked it up pretty good.  And I looked back at the workout where I actually hurt it.  I originally thought it was because of GHD's but it was definitely rope climbs.  Definitely.  It's a sharp shocking sensation in the mid-trapezius muscle and I'm just going to have to let it heal.  No more rope climbs.  Ugh.  Injuries suck.

In other news, I have three more weeks of letting this stress fracture heal up and then I can try running and jumping again.

And another thing...I have GOT to lose some damn weight.  *sigh*  Story of my frickin' life.  I know (in the rational portion of my brain) that my metabolism has come to a screeching halt.  I'm 51 years old.  It's just simple biology.  I know this.  But the stubborn irrational part of my brain wants food and beer and thinks exercising 5 hours a week should be enough.  But it's not.  I've got to create a deficit, somehow.  This means working out MORE and eating even less.  Or, accept being fat.  But I can't accept being fat.  SO...I've just got to focus and be more dedicated.  Add in some evening workouts and clean up my nutrition.  Ugh...getting old is hard work.  :(


4 Rounds for time of:

3 Rope climbs
30 Push-ups
30 Military sit-ups (fingers interlaced with feet anchored)

My time:  24:27

I subbed standing/reclining rope climbs instead of an actual climb.  And still got the "shocking" pain in my traps.  I forced myself to do all the push ups, though I badly wanted to scale.  I'm sure rounds 3 & 4 were kind of snaky, but I still felt every one of them.  And the sit ups.  Oh Lord!  I did 75 GHD sit ups yesterday and my abs are on FIRE!  Ha ha!  But I know that under this layer of fat, I have abs of steel!

Strength:  OHS
3-2-2-1-1-1 @ 55-65-75-80-85-90


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Back Squats

For time:

10 Back squats (Men 225 lbs, Women 155 lbs)
20 Double unders  15 GHD Sit-ups
8 Back squats
40 Double unders  15 GHD Sit-ups
6 Back squats
60 Double unders  15 GHD Sit-ups
4 Back squats
80 Double unders  15 GHD Sit-ups
2 Back squats
100 Double unders  15 GHD Sit-ups

As rx’d is with no rack; bar must be cleaned from the ground.

My time:  14:26

I did my squats from the rack.  Doubt I could clean 155# and then get it to my back safely.  The GHD's give me a slight headache, but I know they're doing more for my abs than just plain ol' sit ups.  Anyway, it's a decent sub out for the double unders, but this is a wicked combination!!

Strength today was back squats
My loads:

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Active Rest Day

Well it's been a while since I've blogged about anything at all.  I've been going to CFJ mostly every day Monday through Friday, with a rest day here and there.  Today I took sort of a rest day.  I had a doctor visit (routine stuff) and decided to sleep in and do a rowing WOD at home.  My times were ridiculously slow.  I think my respiratory stuff is still lingering a bit.  Anyway, back at it tomorrow morning!

Here's what I did this morning, mostly in the interest of time - I was kind of in a hurry.

5 intervals
Row 500m rest 1 min