Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Row, Row, Row

Okay, today's posted WOD was the Jenks Mile.  I'm still rowing.  And rowing.  And rowing.

Two and a half more weeks and I can try running again!  Yay!!  I miss it so much.  And, I got some new running shoes, on the recommendation of my ortho (and friend).  Actually I didn't buy the pair she recommended, but I did get some with a bit of padding rather than the "barefoot" shoes I've been running in (and getting stress fractures!!).  I stuck with Merrell because I love the way their shoes fit me. 

Ta-da... it's the Merrell Bare Access Ultra.  Hope I'm going to love them. 

In the meantime, I'm still rowing.

CFJ Mile on a rower
400m - 1:47
200m - 0:52
400m - 1:49
200m - 0:54
400m - 1:49

Strength was 20 min of odd minute - 1-5 snatches and even minute, muscle ups or wall climbs.  Or if you're me, you make up your own.  ha ha

I did odd minutes 3 snatches at 55#
and even minutes 1 strict pull up, sometimes two, and sometimes I couldn't get over the bar.  I think I had two "no reps"

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