Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Well, let's see.  I've been slacking again.  I took off yesterday, just because my stomach was a wreck.  Anyway I got my butt out of bed this morning and went in for this fun little WOD:

For total points:
5 Rounds of:
2 Minutes to complete:
250 Meter row for men and 200 Meter row for women
Max rep dumbbell thrusters with remaining time.
2 Minute rest

Men:                                                                              Women:
35 lb db’s=1 Point                                                       15 lb db’s=1 Point
40 lb db’s=2 Points                                                    20 lb db’s=2 Points
45 lb db’s=3 Points                                                    25 lb db’s=3 Points
50 lb db’s=4 Points                                                    30 lb db’s=4 Points
55 lb db’s=5 Points                                                    35 lb db’s=5 Points
60 lb db’s=6 Points                                                   40 lb db’s=6 Points
65 lb db’s=7 Points                                                    45 lb db’s=7 Points
70 lb db’s=8 Points                                                   50 lb db’s=8 Points
75 lb db’s=9 Points                                                    55 lb db’s=9 Points
80 lb db’s=10 Points                                                 60 lb db’s=10 Points

My results: 8 thrusters each round using 30# db's = 160 points

I actually thought this was pretty good, and I was feeling pretty strong.  Until I saw Natalie and Jessica's scores.  Holy - what the heck?  Those girls are TINY but they kicked my butt.  Does it count that I/m much older than both of them? 

Looking forward to seeing what's in store tomorrow. 

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