Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jumpin' for Joy! TGIF!

First...this is my Friday.  Yay!!

Ok...I jumped today!  Ha!  I haven't run or jumped in about 7 weeks.  Today I did lateral jumps over the barbell, albeit an empty barbell, I still did it!  And guess what....

I'm not in any pain at all.

I'm healed!!  Woo hooo!!!!  Now I can run and jump again.  And do burpees...oh shit!  Not good!  Maybe I should sandbag a few more weeks.   Kidding!  I'm ready to do some running.  Gotta ease into it though.  I don't want another damn injury.

10 Thrusters (135#, 95# or load for 8-10 unbroken)
50 Lateral barbell jumps
8 Thrusters
40 Lateral barbell jumps
6 Thrusters
30 Lateral barbell jumps
4 Thrusters
20 Lateral barbell jumps
2 Thrusters
10 Lateral barbell jumps

My time:  5:55, modified

I used 65# for the thrusters, and did lateral jumps over an empty bar. 

Strength was thrusters.  5-3-2-2-1-1-1
My loads:  45-50-55-65-70-75-80


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