Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ouch - Dumbbell Thrusters!

4 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
15 dumbbell thrusters (Men 1/2 body weight, Women 1/3 body weight)

My time: 17:02 Rx
Used 25 lb dumbbells (Body weight = 146)

This wasn't a bad workout, but once again I came in dead last. I was pushing myself the entire time. I expected I could do the thrusters unbroken, but surprisingly I couldn't! I was thinking about Nancy - it's 5 rounds and has heavier weights and I can do it unbroken. But Nancy uses an OHS, which to me is easier than DB thrusters, so my thinking was flawed there. Oh well, I have something to shoot for next time this WOD comes around - faster and perhaps unbroken.

During the warmup this morning we worked on muscle up progressions. For me, what that really means is trying to get a decent ring dip, and doing a muscle up progression from my knees. I did several of each, though my ring dips are not deep enough. We also did ring pull ups as part of the progression. I've got a bet with myself that I can get a muscle up within one year. A lofty goal, perhaps...but a girl has to have some goals, eh?


  1. You will have a muscle up in a year if you keep working on it Angie. I know it! Work on chest to bar pull ups too. Those help a ton.

  2. A muscle up is totally not a lofty goal girl! It is a challenging and achievable goal!

    You have the strength to do a pullup (in fact, many pullups!) and a dip. Next step is a little more strength and the skill of the transition. No problemo. You will have your muscle up inside of 6 months, that is my prediction. :-D

  3. Oh, and I forgot to add that thrusters are my absolute most hated of all barbell movements. And they are especially heinous with dumbbells. ICK! You deserve a medal for doing them at 5am girl. Seriously.