Tuesday, July 20, 2010


3 rounds for time, 9-7-5 reps:

Muscle up
Squat Snatch (men 135 lbs, women 95 lbs)

My time: 23:13
scaled to 65 # on snatch
did 27-21-15 pull ups and dips to sub for muscle ups


It was great to see Breck back from the games!! If I were him I'm sure I'd be in pieces....picture a teddy bear with an eye hanging by a thread and stuffing coming out...that's what I'd be like if I went through even half the workouts he did. But he didn't seem any worse for the wear! What an amazing athlete. I have a whole new respect for him, and feel fortunate to have him coaching me.

Today I was borderline on whether or not I should have even gone to the gym. Saturday night I started getting a migraine. Sunday I thought maybe it was going to ease up, but in the middle of the night it escalated to full blown misery, and when the migraine meds failed to work at all, I started on the narcotics, which I totally hate doing. But better than a handgun, eh? Yesterday I made it 3 hours at work and headed home with another prescription. Several doses of that and a good night of rest seem to have done the trick. It's down to maybe a 2 on a scale of 1-10.

See, the trouble with taking all those pills is, they stay in your system for a while. I feel sluggish, light-headed and dull. This morning at the gym I was dizzy every time I did a lift. I went light on the weights, and I was obviously slow. Thankfully the headache didn't return. I fail to see how people get addicted to pain meds. I cannot imagine feeling like that all the time. Yuck!!!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to tomorrow; I should be 100% again.

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