Thursday, July 22, 2010

Burpee Box Jumps?

Burpee Box Jumps...what kind of evil hybrid nonsense is this to be throwing at a person at 5 am? Take my two least favorite elements of CrossFit and combine them, and there you have it. The only thing that could make this worse would be if they were wallball-burpee-box jumps. (Which I sincerely hope is logistically impossible.) Actually the burpee box jumps were not that bad...they just sound bad.


As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

3 Power cleans (Men 185 lbs, Women 115 lbs)
6 Burpee box jumps (Men 24 ” box, Women 20″ box)
12 Kettlebell swings (Men 70 lb kettlebell, Women 45 lb kettlebell)

My rounds: 4 + 3 power cleans
(scaled to 105 on power cleans)

OK, I hate it that I scaled down on this. It was just a 10 lb difference. But when we went to try one rep just before the WOD started, I failed on the rep. And as Breck pointed out...if it's hard now, it's gonna be harder in a few minutes. So, I scaled down. I did get in a great workout, and pushed as hard and fast as I could go. So, mission accomplished. Next time, I do Rx weight. No scaling back!!!!

Strength component today was Power Cleans and (yay) I hit a new 1 rep PR! (And a good reason why I shouldn't have scaled. Ah, live & learn.)

5@ 75
3 @ 85
2 @ 105
1 @ 115
1 @ 120
1 @ 125 (PR!)


  1. Great work today! 125Cleans are HUGE! Don't worry about scaling...some of us would have to scale to 85 or 90.

    PS--Thanks for all the comments and encouragment...its hard not to think about the "could be's" out there if I was still with my box, but just getting out there and doing something is just as important!

  2. Actually, you scaled correctly. You wouldn't want something 10 lbs shy of your max to be used in a metcon workout. That completely takes away the intensity aspect of the routine and turns it into a strength exercise with lost of resting.

    I am going to invent the wall ball/burpee/box-jump/pull-up. You start standing with a medicine ball in your hand. You throw it up as high as you can, and then whilst it is airborne you drop and do a burpee and when you're coming up, you do a box jump and then go right into a jumping pull-up from the top of the box. Then you jump back down onto the floor in just enough time to catch the wall ball. I'll send a video to your coach when I've perfected them.

  3. @ Dave - You are killing me! Thanks for the good laugh though. Awesome mental image there. :)

  4. That's a great # on power cleans for your body weight. Nice work! And I agree with Erin, metcons shouldn't be done at 90% of your 1RM, it's always necessary to scale load to up the intensity.

    If you think burpee box jumps are bad, check out this "burpee w/ back flip" video. Talk about gymnastics!

    I must admit I have never done a burpee box jump -- my big concern is hitting my head on the box on my down to the ground! heh