Monday, July 19, 2010


I was glued to either my iphone or a computer most of the weekend, keeping tabs on The Games. The excitement was nothing short of incredible!!

We had people over for a pool party on Saturday and it was interesting to me that most of them would stop, look at the games, and just not really "get it". And it confused me. I mean, here are some of the most fit people on earth competing in extremely demanding events and people just looked at it and shrugged.

Then it occurred to me, they were not into it simply because they didn't know anything about the CF workouts; no idea what goes into it or the amazing feeling of finishing a WOD, or how totally fit those competitors are.

The more I watched, the more awed I became, knowing that I share the competitors' obsession for the sport of CrossFit. Although the Games competitors are far above the level of fitness that I am, it made me extremely proud to be part of the HUGE sisterhood/brotherhood that is CrossFit.

And geeky as it might sound, I got teary-eyed more than once watching people struggle to get one more rep, or victoriously finish a WOD and collapse to the ground or high-five someone next to them. Every competitor in the games is a hero and an inspiration to me!


  1. They were a ton of fun to watch. I watched the CrossFit Atlanta crew demolish the rope climbing/wall ball workout. I was actually screaming at the computer screen when they finished in their insane final time. It was really crazy to see who ended up on top. Chris Spealler is such an incredible athlete.

    To be honest though, I was a little disappointed that CrossFit let a man win the woman's competition. I was rooting for Annie - she did a hell of a job herself.

    Overall, a it was nothing short of spectacular. It's the only sporting event that I will actually watch other than Olympic weightlifting. One day, I think I'll go out to California to watch them.

  2. I share with the emotion of the game. I am very much a sports person and get teared up at the National Anthem at the OU football games, so to see people that share the same pain with you is moving. I almost couldn't stand it when Breck was competing. I was so excited. I too experienced those who just don't get it. I know they think they workout and for that I applaud them, but to be critical of these amazing athletes left me with no other word but to call them ignorant. I guess they can't help it, but it really did get under my skin.