Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I loves me some clean & jerks!

3 Rounds for reps of:

3 Minutes of max reps squat clean & jerk (Men 155 lbs, Women 100 lbs)
3 Minutes of rest

My total reps: 28
Rd 1 - 11
Rd 2 - 9
Rd 3 - 8

I completely loved this workout!! C&J is probably my favorite lift besides Deadlift. And, actually I would rather do a squat clean than a power clean. It just feels more balanced, more in control. 100 lbs is heavy though -wow!!

First round felt really great. When I nail the form on this lift, it just feels so good - I mean, you can definitely feel the difference between right and wrong, and when it is "right" I know it.

I had one "miss" on the second round where I had to drop the bar after the clean, because my pinky finger was trapped - and I'm too much of a wuss to try and do a push jerk and tear up my finger.

On the third round, I really could have done 9 or 10...just rested too long in the second minute, staring at the bar. I hate it when I do that. In those short 20 seconds or so I can rationalize it somehow, but when the clock ticks down to zero, I'm kicking myself.

I was so close to 30 reps...ah, time!!!

Still, a good morning, a great workout and I left with a big smile on my face!

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