Monday, March 1, 2010

A good start to the week!

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

5 Deadlifts (Men 225 lbs, Women 155 lbs)
10 Ring dips

My total: 11 rounds
I subbed push-ups for ring dips, because I need to work on form.

The warm-up this morning included 2 minutes each of the following, not really going for a max, just working on form:

Overhead squats: 35 lb bar, 30 reps
Push ups: 20 reps, full range of motion
Sit ups: military, 40 reps
Pull ups: 16
Back extension: 30
L-sits: 9 seconds, 4 seconds, 6 seconds: total 19 sec
HSPU: practiced just trying to get some depth - got a few that were about 4 inches
Knees to Elbows: 12 reps, slow
Bar Dips: 20 - used 1" band
Rope Climb: just went from standing to reclining and back up, several times

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