Friday, March 5, 2010

Ready for the Weekend!

My body is tired and needs some rest! I'm looking forward to a couple of days off, a nice evening out with Allan for a good meal and the Norah Jones concert...and I'm sleeping in tomorrow!

Today's WOD:

For time:
2000 Meter row
1 Mile run

Total Time: 19:39
Mile: 9:34
Row: 9:42.3

Clint and B were back today! Clint was nice enough to run the mile with me and motivated me the entire way. It was really helpful and my time was way better than last time we did a mile run. Something about running that early in the morning, in the cold and dark just is unappealing to me, but I feel like I accomplished something today, so I guess it's worth it.

Yesterday I went out for a run and my new little GPS app was a mess. It started calling out my splits and it was like 5 miles off. It kept the time accurately, so that was good, but I estimated the distance, and then decided to go drive it in my car for accuracy - I was a half mile over on my estimate. Ha! I did 2.25 miles in 26:12. Not fast at all, but it's mostly hills.

Worked on deadlifts today. 3 sets of 5 @ 175.

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