Wednesday, March 17, 2010

“Dead Man’s Row”

This was WOD #1 in the South Texas Sectionals:

In 12 minutes, complete:
2K Row + Max Reps
Deadlift (Men 275 lbs, Women 185lbs)
Score = Row time – (Deadlift Reps x 5 seconds)

My Score: 7:23
Here's the math -
Row time: 9:13
Deadlifts @ 185#: 22 x 5 seconds = 110 seconds
Total time after deducting deadlifts: 7:23

I had to go look at the times on the S. Texas sectionals scores for the WOD and compare my score. I didn't do too shabby! I would have placed between the 12th & 13th place women for this one.

Now, I don't have a particular love of rowing, though I will say I'm getting a tad faster. But I do love my deadlifts, and I know I could have done more today - I knew when I had rested too long, but by then the seconds had ticked away and you can't get them back.

I need to constantly question myself "are you pushing yourself to the limit?", rather than just once or twice per workout. The days when I have kept this question going through an entire wod, I know I have produced better times, better scores, etc. PUSH!!

Today, I feel amazing, and strong and great!!!

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  1. 185 is my current PR, so I don't think I'd be blowing this WOD out of the water like you. :-D

    As far as that constant question, "am I pushing?" -- that is where I think the competitive element of CF helps. When you see others around you working, it is a constant reminder to keep pushing yourself. My natural inclination is to ignore others, and just focus on myself. But on the days that I come in thinking "I'm gonna beat these other chicks!", that's when I kill the WOD.