Friday, March 2, 2012

Rest Day!

I dreamed, for the second night in a row, about doing snatches. I kept waking up on the "jump" part because I was actually physically jumping. Ha ha. Silly CrossFit obsessions. This stuff really gets in your head!

So, anyway, I decided to sleep in this morning and rest up for the Open WOD tomorrow. I'm feeling a little tiny bit of drainage/congestion and it is starting to tick me off. I really do not need to get sick. I was sick in November (upper respiratory infection). I was sick in December (Sinus infection). Haven't I done my time?? Anyway I'm taking claritin because I think it's just allergies - the pear trees are in full bloom and I have been outside, running, sucking it all into my lungs. I don't FEEL sick, so I'm going with Allergies right now and calling it good.

Tomorrow I'm gonna go give 12.2 my best shot. I'm really looking forward to it. Snatches are one of my favorite lifts, and I'm good with the first two sets as far as weight goes. Hopefully I'll make it to 100# and give that a shot.





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