Monday, March 5, 2012

Bronchitis and weak coffee.

I knew last week I was getting sick, but I finally caved and went to the doctor this morning. I was afraid I had pneumonia (that's what my husband had...and I think it's contagious, right?). Anyway, I felt like total crap this morning, so much so that I was willing to skip CrossFit AND call in sick to work. Which I rarely do.

So the verdict is bronchitis. The doc hooked me up with antibiotics and I should be good as new in a few days. I hope. I hate missing CrossFit. I hate missing work. I refuse to miss the 12.3 WOD this coming weekend, and I really hate just sitting around when it's so beautiful outside. The weather is perfect for running. But for now I'm lounging with my dog, reading a book and getting some extra rest.

I've lost my appetite. And the only thing that really sounded good this morning was some berries. And a cup of Starbucks Sumatra. But I don't have any Sumatra at home. So I picked the darkest roast K-cup I had on hand, and brewed it up. It's a Kilimanjaro dark roast something-or-other. It's not Sumatra - not even close. I honestly don't know how they even call it a Dark Roast. Blech.

Think I'll just go take a nap. ;)

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