Thursday, March 8, 2012

Feeling better, but not any smarter!

1000 Meter row
100 Push-ups
10 Deadlifts (Men 315 lbs, Women 215 lbs)

My time: 17:29, scaled DL to 175

So, I have been sick for several days, and therefore decided before the WOD that I would scale the deadlifts to 175 lbs.

Well, somewhere around push up number 89, I decided, "Hey! I'm doing everything else as prescribed...why should I scale the deadlifts? I'm doing it!"

So I finished the push ups and headed off to get enough weights to bring me up to 215#. I'm sure this wasted a minimum of a minute, maybe more.

Then I tried picking up the bar and I couldn't lift if more than a few inches. WTF?! Tried a second time. No go. So I stripped weight back down to 175, all the while thinking, "How did I get so weak in only 3 days?"

Well, it helps if you're smart enough to do second grade math! For some reason (I claim oxygen deprivation!) I had added 65 lbs to the bar rather than the 40 I needed, putting the total at 240 lbs, which is 5 lbs over my one rep max.

Yeah...I'm not any smarter than I was last week.


Strength today was Front Squats:

5 @ 85
3 @ 105
2 @ 115

6 x 2 @ 130


  1. Wow, kinda was hoping you lifted that weight and then found out how heavy it was!!

    1. Ha! That would've been awesome! I am encourage though, that next time I go for 240 I can make it!!