Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Okay, so I went to the sports med doc today to have my leg checked out.  I'm thinking muscle strain, maybe a tiny tear?  He starts thinking stress fracture.  I'm all confused.  He sees a tiny place on the x-ray that "may reveal" a stress fracture, but he's unsure.  But by all the pressure points, pain reaction, etc., he's thinking stress fracture for sure.  SO...today I'll go for an MRI and then report back to him on Monday (dang that's a long time to sit and wonder)!

The word "CrossFit" was met by a blank stare from the doctor.  I explained as best I could and he says, "So, these calisthenics you do, you can continue as long as it doesn't hurt".  I'm picturing me doing double unders on one foot and trying to do heavy back squats with all the load on one foot, while I'm pretty certain he was picturing me doing a couple of sit-ups in front of the TV.  Ha ha!!

Anyway...it's a waiting game now.  We'll see if 13.2 is doable.  In the meantime I modify and keep on moving!


3 Rounds for time of:

7 Power cleans (Men 155 lbs, Women 105 lbs)
35 Double unders
7 Push jerk
35 Double unders


3 rds of:

7 power clean (used 105# 1st rd, 85# after that)
10 back extensions
7 push jerk
10 back extensions

My time:  10:41 - modified

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