Friday, September 21, 2012

TGIF and a PR!

Athletes choice:

5km run,

5km row


40 Minutes of Basketball (10 minute quarters)(1 & 1/2 minute rest b/w quarters)
Post choice and results to responses.

I chose 5K Row

My time:  23:41.6 - PR by 1:31

I haven't rowed a 5K in a looooong time!  Tomorrow is my running day, so I chose to row.  Plus, I'm not fond of the idea of running through neighborhoods at 5:00 a.m., with unknown possibilities of dogs chasing me.  In my mind there are rabid Rottweilers on every corner, just waiting to attack.  So Rowing a 5k sounded pretty good this morning.

I really paid close attention to finishing the pull, and keeping my pace consistent.  The last 1000m I realized I could PR this, so I concentrated on finishing strong, and I sprinted the last 300m.  Great workout, and a nice way to end the week!

So, I'm down to 12 days left on my 30-day Paleo challenge.  I'm ready for it to be over with.  I mean, I've lost some weight, I feel better in my clothes (and out of them, for that matter) and I'm not having a lot of trouble sticking to the plan, but it is not doable for the long term.  Like, I can't go the rest of my life without eating some cheese or yogurt, or an occasional pasta meal, or drinking my beloved beer!  It's just not feasible.  Props to anyone who can live like this 100% of the time.  But for me, it's just not realistic.   I'm all for 30 days of self denial here and there, but a girl has to have some fun in life!  


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