Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

For time:

21 Dips
3 Pull-ups
18 Dips
6 Pull-ups
15 Dips
9 Pull-ups
12 Dips
12 Pull-ups
9 Dips
15 Pull-ups
6 Dips
18 Pull-ups
3 Dips
21 Pull-ups

My time:  17:44,  sketchy bar dips, Rx pull-ups

I have GOT to get better at dips.  It seems like this is just a movement my body refuses to cooperate with.  If I get down low enough, I can't get back up.  So, my dips were pretty shallow.  However, all my pull ups felt really good, chin high over the bar, etc.  Good workout.

Then the strength was 20 rep max back squat.  I had full intentions of doing 20 reps, but my body disagreed with me.  At 10 reps in, I just hit complete fatigue and even standing there resting with the bar on my back was impossible.  The rule was 5 burpee penalty for every squat you didn't do, but I refused to do them.  I rested and did another set of 10 back squats.

My load:  140 lbs

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