Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wod B from 2008 CF Games

5 rounds for time of:

5 Deadlifts (Men 275 lbs, Women 185 lbs)
10 Burpees (with clap overhead while airborne)

My time: 8:59, Rx - PR

This was only my second time to do this as prescribed.  Last time I actually did this one was June of 2009.  Long time ago!  I improved my time by 38 seconds this time, setting a new PR.  I haven't had a PR on anything in forever.  It helps keep me encouraged when I improve on something and lately I've needed the encouragement to keep my head in the game with CrossFit.  So, it was a great morning!

The strength today was 5 deadlifts/10 dips.  Still working on my dips, though I think they are getting a little bit better/deeper. 

My loads:  85-115-135-145-175

Again, I started to go run this morning.  But passed up the turn again and headed for CF.  I guess I'm afraid of the dark.  Ha ha!  What I'm really afraid of is getting attacked by some random person who might have decided 5 am would be a good time to rape/mug/rob/slash/mutilate someone and I'm wouldn't be fast enough to outrun them.  I guess I need to buy a tazer or something because I do need to run!

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