Friday, August 10, 2012


10 Push-ups
15 Box jumps (Men 24″ box, Women 20″ box)
20 Sit-ups

My rounds:  9 - PR!!

Woo hoo!!  Okay, so I think I have successfully fought through my most recent bout of "I don't think I love you anymore, CrossFit".  I honestly think it was the super, extremely hot weather we had been having. It was just wearing me down!  Anyway, some cooler mornings have brought a better attitude, and in turn, I've managed three PR's this week.  Small ones, but PR's none the less!!  I'll take it! 

Not much to say about this workout - it's just go, go go!  I know there's always room for improvement, and in this one it would have to be the box jumps, though they are getting better/easier for me! 

Strength today was Bench Press 5 sets of 5

my loads:  55-65-75-80-85

Part of the warmup was a double-unders drill.  Five minutes to see how far you can get with the following rep scheme.  Each set must be unbroken.  If you break you have to start that set again. 


First set...I got 3.  Ha ha.  Then 9.  Then I had to pee. 
Came back and got 10.  No problem.
On to the 20's.  I've done 20 before.  Shouldn't be an issue.  I got to 16. 
Start over.  9.
Start over.  11
Again and again and again, and never got to 20.  I got close several times but never to 20.  I did work up a good sweat though, which is what the warm-up is all about, right?

TGIF people!  Have a great weekend!

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