Friday, August 3, 2012


3 Rounds for time of:

200 Meter run
15 Kettlebell swings (Men 70 lbs, Women 55 lbs)
10 Box jumps (Men 30” box, Women 24” box)
5 Handstand push-ups (nose to floor)

My time: 10:33, scaled

I used a 45 lb kettlebell, and a 20" box, and 2 abmats for the HSPU.  This wasn't that bad of a WOD but mentally getting past the kettlebell swings was the hardest part.  15 you can do unbroken, and perhaps I should have gone with 55 lbs, but the 45 will leave me sore, and I was able to keep my intensity level up.

The most exciting thing about the wod?  I RAN!  I haven't run since I had my little calf injury a while back, so I was hesitant.  But it felt awesome.  So awesome, I think I'm going to do some running next week instead of CF.  We shall see.

Today's strength was Squat Clean or Power Clean 5-3-2-2-2-2-2

I chose my fave:  squat cleans
my loads:  65-85-95-100-105-115-125

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