Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Clean and Sober

So, I behaved myself last night, had three good meals yesterday and drank tons of water.  I'm back in shape for being able to go strengthen my body at CrossFit once again, without feeling like I'm going to keel over.  Oh,  I cringed at the burpees, but I did them.  Today it was the pull-ups I scaled.  I kept them at the same 21-15-9 as the burpees, in the interest of finishing the workout sometime today. 

For time:
21 Burpees
42 21 Pull-ups
15 Burpees
30 15 Pull-ups
9 Burpees
18 9 Pull-ups

My time:  12:42

I did a little better on form on the burpees today, getting my feet out in a wider stance on the squat/jump portion.  Helped a bit.  Pull ups all felt really solid and strong, and had a couple sets of 7 in a row.  Still get incredibly winded on these, and I guess there's just no getting around it...guess that's good for me though, too.

Strength today was 3-3-3-3-3 Hang Power Snatch, alternating with skill work on HSPU

my loads:  45-50-55-60-65
worked on sets of 3 HSPU touching two abmats.  tried kipping again, but it's lost on me for now.

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