Wednesday, July 18, 2012


So, we were moving along this morning doing a super fun strength WOD, when I felt what I thought was a rock hitting my calf muscle, then on the very the next step, I felt an even sharper pain, almost like getting shot with a pellet or a paintball gun and almost like an electric shock effect.  Shit!!  Really?  Do I need this?  I don't have time for an injury!!!!  *sigh*  I'm really frustrated, but I'll wait it out and see how the next few days go.  I'm icing it and elevating it (as much as I can at work in a skirt).  If I don't feel some improvement in a couple days I'll get an appointment and have it checked out.

Anyway, the strength workout was:

3 rounds, 5 min each
10 front squats (155/105) - I scaled this to 85
sprint 200m
rest remainder of 5 min

my times:
DNF - injury about 100 m into the run

Then came the regular WOD immediately after the last 5 min round of the strength:

3 rounds for time of
21 pull ups
15 kettlebell swings (55/35)
9 box jumps "up and over"

Since I couldn't jump with this injury I modified it to 9 bar dips in place of the box jumps.  Got started and realized how much pain I was in, so dropped to two rounds and called it good.

Time:  10:40

I'll be back tomorrow for what I'm sure will be a highly modified workout.  I was really planning to go run again on Friday, but looks like that's out of the question. 

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