Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tough Morning.

Busy day at work and just now getting around to blogging for the day.  Forget my "other" blog - haven't had time for it in months. I just like to keep up this record of my workouts as much as possible. 

Anyway...the WOD was 3 Rounds for time of:

21 Toes to bar
15 Dumbbell push press (Men 45 lb dumbbells, Women 30 lb dumbbells)
9 Dumbbell hang squat clean

My time:  14:48, Rx

This WOD was way harder than it looks on paper, and I have bruised shoulders to show for it.  Those 30# dumbbells are a killer. I was trying so hard to catch B today, but couldn't quite do it. 

I think the heat is starting to get to me. During the warm-up I was super nauseated, just from the heat.  The fan during the strength component was the only relief, honestly.

Strength today was back squats.  I didn't have any intention of maxing out, but I actually ended up within 5 lbs of my max, and it didn't feel awful.  I should've gone for a max.  But I felt strong today after it was all said and done, after I forced myself to use the prescribed weights, so it was a good morning. 

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