Thursday, February 9, 2012

That's a little better...

This seemed a lot less daunting than that killer WOD from yesterday. Didn't feel like my mind was going to explode or my heart was going to stop just from reading it. ;)

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

3 Handstand push-ups
6 Toes to bar
9 Box jumps (Men 30″ box, Women 24″ box)

My rounds: 6 + 3 HSPU

Modified: head to 1 abmat and 10# plate on HSPU, 20" box

Strength today was front squats - 10 x 3 @ 115

we are supposed to be at 95% of our 1rm on these. I have no clue what my 1rm is on front squats. I'm guessing somewhere around body weight or just above. So 150-160 ish. Not sure. I've just been doing what feels right each week, sometimes lower sometimes higher. (Aha, and there I look over to the side of my blog and there it is - 155# back in October of 2010. Hmm...probably should higher by now.)

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