Friday, February 10, 2012


5 Rounds for max reps of:

Bench press (Men bodyweight, Women 2/3 bodyweight)
Pull-ups (Immediately followed by bench press)
Rest 5 minutes between rounds.

My numbers:
bench – plu
6 – 10
6 – 10
5 – 8
5 – 10
3 – 10

total = 73

This is way down from my PR. The shoulder issue I've been having with my right shoulder, really bothers me in some movements and bench press is one of them. Pretty sure I aggravated it with those HSPU's yesterday. Otherwise it feels good - pull ups don't hurt, snatch doesn't hurt, presses, jerks, etc., all just fine. Anyway, it was a good morning...


I set a new PR on the snatch!!!

warm up sets 5-3-2 @ 55-65-70
work sets 1-1-1 @ 75-85-90 (pr!)

Should've gone for 95 but I was SO EXCITED to get a new PR on something! It's been way too long!! Made my day!!


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  1. I am into my third week of CrossFit and love it!! You have done so much!! That's awesome!!