Monday, February 27, 2012


Went out for a short run after work. It was a beautiful afternoon!

Finished Run: Feb 27, 2012 4:43:51 PM
Route: Sunrise Ridge
Shortened Google Maps URL:
Run Time: 16:17
Stopped Time: 0:29 (met my next door neighbor!)
Distance: 1.32 miles
Average: 12:18 /mile
Fastest Pace: 9:22 /mile
Ascent: 171 feet
Descent: 147 feet
Calories: 154


  1. This is the approx distance (1.5 miles)that I am trying to get under 13:25. I have given myself until the end of 2012. Love these short sprint runs!! Looks very pretty in your neighbourhood.

  2. It's so hilly it's a good place to train. Helps me on the flat runs. I'm doing a 5K in April and my husband who has never run any distance has decided he wants to do the 5k with me! I'm excited for him. Good luck with your training - you can do it!!

    1. That's awesome!! Wish him good luck for me! I hated running when young (football, xcountry etc), but it really is a great sport.