Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Name, Same Game

You'll notice, perhaps, I changed the name of my blog.  I'm no longer "CrossFit Angie".  It was time for a change.  Actually, I'd heard from a few friends who were using "CrossFit" in their blog names and/or Facebook pages, that they had been contacted by HQ legal and asked to cease using the CF name if they were not an actual affiliate...and I'm not.  So, I figure I'd save them the trouble.  I'm small potatoes, so who knows - they may have never bothered with me.  But why tempt fate? 

I went with WOD Ever it Takes, because it was a good fit.  I'll do whatever it takes to stay in shape, to maintain my health, and to progress in my fitness.  And to hopefully look better than my high school classmates when I run into them in the grocery store.  Ha ha ha ha - the truth comes out!!

Today's WOD:

5 Two minute rounds of:

7 Push jerks (Men 165 lbs, Women 115 lbs)
Max double unders with remaining time

Rest 1 minute b/w rounds.

My total D/U:  138

This one looked pretty evil from the comfort of my bed this morning. And, of course, it was.  I started out with the Rx weight of 115lbs.  In the first round I got through 6 jerks and failed on the 7th.  Couldn't lock out.  Then I failed on the clean.  Tried again, made it and got that 7th jerk.  Then I had like 25 seconds to get in some double, and manged only 7, and some serious slash marks on my legs from the wayward rope.  I immediately decided to scale for the other rounds, and dropped to 85#.  It felt pretty darn good after 115#!!  I wasn't exactly burning up the double unders, but I managed to do the remaining rounds of push jerks unbroken.  Bottom line...a good workout!

Strength today was Split Jerk (from the rack)

5@85, 3@105, 2@115, 2@120, 1@125, 1@130, 1@145(f)

I was feeling weak this morning, but decided I needed to push myself.  The 130# felt pretty good, and I decided to go for a PR.  I got that 145# up over my head but couldn't quite lock it out, so I bailed/failed.  I will get it next time!!!

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