Monday, April 22, 2013

Nasty Girls

3 rounds for time of:

50 Squats
7 Muscle-ups
10 Hang power cleans (Men 135 lbs, Women 95 lbs)

My time:  10:12

Scaled weight to 75# and did 7 pull ups in place of muscle ups.  Yeah, I totally took the easy way out here.  Looking back to the last time we did it, I did the 95# hang cleans.  Not sure what I was thinking today except, "holy cow that's heavy".  I did feel like I got a great workout, with pretty good intensity, so that's all that matters.

I've been feeling so fat lately and more than anything I think it's because of the weekend drinking. SO, I'm on the wagon until my birthday party weekend.  Then after that, right back on it until Memorial day.  I can't keep partying like I'm 20.  Heck, that wouldn't even be legal, would it?!

Strength today was snatch balance

5 ea @ 45-50-55-60-65

I need to get better at bringing the bar down gently to my back so I can go heavier on these.  Working on it...

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