Friday, May 4, 2012


I am so sore from yesterday's workout, I briefly contemplated a rest day this morning.  I was awake before 4 AM, so I figured, what the heck...why not get up and work out anyway.  It took me a while to get loosened up and awake.  We did some different warm ups today basically loosening up our shoulders.  I think it actually helped, but I could sure feel the sore spots!


3 Rounds for time of:
500 Meter row
21 Toes to bar
15 Ring dips

 My time:  18:45, with bar dips

Good workout.  My toes to bar were slow, but felt pretty decent.  It was crowded on the pull-up cage today! Not that it caused me to be any slower, but I was afraid of hitting someone.  My bar dips are getting a teeny-tiny bit deeper, still far from full range of motion.  It always feels good to get to the end of my Friday workout after a full week, and I was sure glad this one was over. I'm ready for a rest day!!

The strength today was Snatch, preferably squat snatch.  I did squat snatches all the way up to my 8th lift and then when I got to the 9th & 10th lift, for some reason (fear?) I couldn't make myself get under the bar.  It's like I never had done a squat snatch before.  I just automatically did power snatches on the last two lifts.  I thought I had set a PR on the last lift.  As it turns out I only tied my previous PR.  Good enough!

my loads: 



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  2. Hey Krystal - Thanks for stopping by. I'll come check out your site!