Thursday, May 10, 2012


For time:

400 Meter run
30 Hand release push-ups
20 Alternating one arm dumbbell snatches (80% 1RM)
10 Wall climbs

My time:  11:08, 35# db

This WOD was a shoulder killer!  By the time I got to the 5th wall climb I was talking myself into "scaling" aka quitting.  Ha ha.  But I didn't.  I sucked it up and did ten pretty shoddy wall climbs.  Oh, I got up to the wall with my chest/belly, but coming down was a little iffy as far as being "as prescribed".  See I just slide my feet down sideways instead of walking back out on my hands.  Probably eliminates the "as prescribed".  But my shoulders were trashed just the same. 

The strength today was a dumbbell snatch ladder to find our one rep max so you knew what to use for the WOD.  I started with 20 and got all the way to 50, which felt pretty wobbly on the right arm, so I didn't do the left arm.  The left my max at 45.  I've done way more on a dumbbell snatch before - 65 lbs, I believe.  Just some days you have the power and some days you don't!

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