Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Busy morning.

Great morning, with a full hour of work. It was a little cool out this morning but actually felt pretty nice when we started running.  We did "The Jenks Mile", which I kind of like even though I grumble about it sometimes:

400m run - 1:50
200m run - 0:52
400m run - 1:57
200m run - 0:51
400m run - 1:58

1 minute rest between each

Total time with rest11:28
Total run time 7:28

Not a PR, but still a good morning.  I at least kept my 400's under 2 minutes each.  The wind was strong from the North.  Funny how strong it feels running into it, but running South I felt nothing at all. 

Then came the WOD. 

For total reps:

3 Minutes of rowing (calories)
1 Minute rest
3 Minutes of bench press (Men body weight, Women 2/3 Body weight)
1 Minute rest
3 Minutes of box jumps (20” box)
1 Minute rest
3 Minutes of muscle ups

Choose order of exercises.

My total reps:  130

rowing:  31
bench press @ 65#:  31

box jumps: 42
pull ups (sub for m/u):  26

I'm so weak on Bench press.  I can DO 2/3 my body weight just not repetitively.  I scaled to 65 lbs so I could actually get some reps in.  I was slow on just about everything, but I was working hard, I promise!!!  Hoping for a good b-day workout tomorrow. Bring it on!

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