Friday, May 6, 2011

Back Squats!

Well, today I did the last workout of my 47th year. Monday I'll be 48. Yikes! It's just a number, right?

Today's strength was Back Squats, using the Wendler method. My 1RM is 200, so all my lifts are based on 90% of that, which is 180.

warm up sets: 5 ea @ 70, 90, 110
work sets: 5 ea @ 115, 135, 155

I maybe could have gone more reps on the 155 if it were not Friday. I'm burned out by Friday and not working at full capacity. But 5 is still respectable. I'll take it!


As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

5 Front squats (Men 185 lbs, Women 125 lbs)
10 Ring dips
20 Sit-ups (anchored with 10 lb plate behind head)

My rounds: 3 + 2 ring dips, used 95 lbs for squats

Had a few ring dips that were pretty good depth, but for the most part in this workout my ring dips were "ring dip attempts". Still, it feels better than the bar dips to me because I am learning to stablize myself on the rings and work the hollow body position far better than on the bars. I feel like I'm making progress on the rings.


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