Friday, September 10, 2010

“Nasty Girls”

3 rounds for time of:

50 Squats
7 Muscle-ups
10 Hang power cleans (Men 135 lbs, Women 95 lbs)

My time: 18:43 - modified
(scaled to 75 lbs for cleans, subbed 14/14 dips/pull ups for muscle ups)

This was my first time ever with this WOD. Really wanted to do the Rx weight, but during the warmup as we were building up toward the weight for the WOD, I was having issues with 5 reps at 85 lbs, so I decided to scale down. I needed to end the week on a positive note, and struggling with a bar and getting frustrated with bad form because of a too-heavy load would not have been a positive note. So, even though I scaled, I still got a good workout, and I'm happy with my efforts for the week.


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