Monday, September 27, 2010


Our weather has turned - it was about 50° this morning. Not quite ready for it, but it felt okay during the running portion of the WOD.

For time:

50 Pull-ups
800 Meter run
30 Pull-ups
400 Meter run
20 Pull-ups
200 Meter run

My time: 23:55 Rx

Whew! 100 Pull ups is always a tough workout for me. I started off strong, but quickly broke down into sets of 4 or less. Had a couple of 6's in the second round, but it was pretty time consuming doing this with short sets. Still, my pull ups all felt good and I didn't get any blisters or tears - yay! And I made it in the 25 minute time limit. Double yay!

Strength component today was back squats, which I've been wanting to do! Breck switched it up a little and had us do them after the WOD. Didn't think I'd want to do them at all, but I actually enjoyed them and made some progress. Got advice on proper breathing (when to inhale, when to exhale) for the lift and it helped a lot.

Did a warm up set of 5 at 85 lbs

Work sets:
3 @ 105
3 @ 125
3 @ 145
3 @ 165
3 @ 170

All my lifts felt good and I believe I could go higher on a 3 rep...possibly 180.

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