Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Morning!

For time:

Row 500m
30 Burpees
10 Shoulder-to-Overhead Presses (Men: 165 lbs, Women: 95 lbs)

My time: 7:20 Rx
This is a PR compared to 2/8/10 @ 7:31 - yay!

Strength today was clean & jerk - your choice if you want to squat clean, power clean or hang clean. 10 min to warm up/practice, then 3 lifts for a max.

warm ups:
several at 85, 95, & 105

Three lifts:
125 (f)
125 (f)

I got the squat clean on the first attempt at 125 but couldn't lock out on the jerk, which just kinda ticked me off - I've done 135 on a split jerk before. So, I made another attempt and couldn't get my elbows turned out and release the bar quick enough and failed on the clean. I'm trying to receive it too high, rather than getting down under it. Probably I'd be better off doing a power clean, but I want to get that squat clean technique dialed in because I know with that I can achieve heavier loads.

In spite of those failed attempts, lifting felt great this morning!

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