Thursday, September 9, 2010

“The Bear Complex”

7 Sets of the sequence:
Power clean
Front squat
Push press
Back Squat
Push press

5 Rounds
Rest as needed between rounds.

My rounds/loads:
1 - 55 lbs
2 - 65 lbs
3 - 75 lbs
4 - 85 lbs
5 - 95 lbs - failed after the 4th set

I was so wanting a new PR on this WOD today but it just wasn't in the cards. This is one of my most absolutely favorite workouts in all of CrossFit. I was telling B this morning, I recall the very first time we ever did The Bear, I thought the coaches were insane and I was just in disbelief of all that was required of me - obviously I was still pretty new to CF back then. Now I wouldn't be shocked at just about anything.

So, I'm three sets shy of that damn 95 lb PR. And I'll get it next time - no maybes. I will do it!

However, I think I more than redeemed myself this morning with an amazing feat of strength. I opened a brand new jar of Almond Butter and stared in fear at the chore ahead of me. See, almond butter has a nasty habit of separating, and stirring the oil back into the almond paste is no easy task. Anyone who has ever done this knows what I'm talking about. It's like stirring water into clay. You have to start out very slowly so as not to spill the oil, and then get more aggressive as you go along. So after about 4 full minutes of patiently, diligently stirring, with my arm about to fall off, I was rewarded with some nice creamy, yummy, healthy, delicious almond butter!

I think I'll call that Wod #2 today. ;)


  1. You rocked this workout! Hot damn, woman. Impressive numbers. Not that I'm surprised.

  2. I just read of your adventues in almond butter mixing. Hilarious. I pour off the oil on the top, since I like it thick anyway. I don't typically spread it on anything; I just scoop out a blob, roll it in my hand and eat it like a little apple. If you live near a healthfood store, they usually have a machine that makes it fresh. That is particularly good, especially the salt-free roasted type. The raw is good too but less addictive. No wonder you rock the workouts; you're fueled by almond bliss!

  3. hahaha I laughed outloud reading about stirring the almond butter. I spill oil ALL the time. So gross! :)