Monday, September 13, 2010

How many box jumps?!

Yikes! That's a lot of box jumps.

3 Rounds for time of:

400 Meter run
50 Box Jumps (Men 24″ box, Women 20″ box)

My time: 19:00 Rx

Box jumps are not one of my favorite elements, but I did okay. I stopped for a short 'three deep breaths' at 25 jumps on each round, but other than that I kept a steady pace and managed to get in just under the 20 minute time limit that Breck set for this WOD. I had three jumps where I fell/tripped. Those are so unnerving, but I just had to suck it up and keep going or I wouldn't have made the cut off time.

Strength Component today was back squats:

5 @ 85
5 @ 105
5 @ 125
10 @ 135
10 @ 135
10 @ 135

I love back squats! And whatever was going on with my back a few weeks ago, it's feeling much better now. I'm concentrating on maintaining good form/posture when racking the weights and not having any pain. So...yay!

I'm scoping out CF affiliates in Knoxville, TN today. I'll be in Knoxville at the end of the week visiting a friend and would like to drop in for a WOD. I'm hoping to get my friend to try it as well. We shall see.

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