Thursday, August 12, 2010



Overhead squats (65 lb)

My time: 11:18 Rx - PR by 1 min
(Compare to 3/5/09 12:18)

Today after the WOD I was so discouraged and frustrated. I am just abysmally slow on burpees. Seems like no matter what I do, how hard I push, I cannot get faster. I knew I had done this WOD before, but had no idea of my time. Much to my surprise, I was a full minute faster today than I was over a year ago. Even though I still need to be WAY faster, it made me smile to know that I had improved every so slightly.

I suspect, however, that the minute time difference was due to the OHS and not the burpees.

I sort of laughed at my notes from 3/5/09. It was the very first WOD I did using 65 lb OHS. My notes from that day say "Wow. Heavy." Ha ha!

Strength component today was squat snatch:

1 @ 55
1 @ 65
1 @ 75
1 @ 85
1 @ 90 (fail)

I know I can do 90. Just felt weak today on the lifts. I didn't have hardly any carbs yesterday. Gotta watch that!

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  1. I couldn't squat snatch a broomstick if my very life depended on it!