Friday, August 13, 2010

“The Fireman”

(Workout for Brody's birthday...he's a fireman, if that's not obvious by the title.)

For time:
Firemans carry your barbell and plates around the building
30 Muscle ups or Squat Clean & Jerk (Men 135 lbs, Women 85 lbs) or a combination of both
Firemans carry your barbell and plates around the building

Rules: You will have a barbell and two plates. It is your choice on how you get them around the building. You can take one at a time or you could load your barbell and take the whole thing at once. Once you get back to your starting point with your barbell and plates you have to complete 30 muscle ups or clean & jerks or it can be a combination of both. After completing the 30 reps you must complete another trip or trips around the building with your barbell and plates.

My time: 16:12, Rx w/30 sq c&j

This was a super fun workout. When I first looked at it this morning I was thinking, "wtf?" and trying to figure out how long it would take me. I estimated 15 minutes, so I wasn't far off the mark. Originally it was posted as "clean & jerks" and then Breck decided to make it SQUAT clean & jerks to more closely match the amount of work required in a muscle up. I think if it had just been clean & jerk, my time would have been way faster. Still, I didn't mind at all doing the squat cleans - I've finally got the "release the hook grip" and "receiving the bar on your shoudlers" down and it makes a world of difference!

Clean & jerk is one of my favorite lifts. My form felt really great today and I enjoyed the entire workout.

Strength component today was squat clean & jerk. I got to 105 and stopped. I was conserving energy for the WOD. I was feeling strong this morning though, and probably should have pushed a little harder and gone for a PR.

Anyway, a great workout, and a very nice way to kick off the weekend!!


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