Monday, March 7, 2011

“C. Rice”

For time:

1200 Meter run
6 Muscle ups
800 Meter run
10 Deadlifts (Men 225 lbs, Women 155 lbs)
400 Meter run
14 Handstand push-ups
200 Meter run
16 Burpees
100 Meter bear crawl
17 Pull-ups

My time: 30:03

subbed muscle up progressions
rx weight on deadlifts
2 abmats for HSPU

In all honesty this wasn't a completely horrible workout, just long. The killers for me were the burpees and bear crawls. Geez...ok, and the pull ups. My pull-ups have just gone down the sewer. I used to love them and then one day I just didn't anymore. I don't know why, but I have to got to snap out of it and bet back to being good at them, or at least consistent with sets of more than 3. I had a set of 6 today. SIX! That's pathetic, rookie status.

I am feeling a little put out with myself today. Our swimming pool will be open in 38 days, and I like to stay in shape for wearing a bikini all the time. So, I was checking the back of my hair in the mirror this morning as I got ready and for work, and I caught a glimpse of my backside...holy crap. I am a total fat-ass!! I look like I need to lose about 20 lbs. I'm working out as hard as I can, and my clothes all still fit just fine, but I look like crap. WTF? How does that work? Needless to say, I wish I hadn't looked in the mirror. *sigh*

Strength component today was Deadlifts
rep scheme: 5-3-2-2-1-1-1
my loads: 125-135-145-155-165-170-180

Not as heavy as I used to do, but I'm being super careful with my back these days. All the lifts felt solid, good form, no pain. Success!

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  1. Meh, mirrors lie. So does scales. I say, if you're eating right and working hard and you look strong, then you are hot mama. I don't have a lean build these days but I know also I could look fluffy and weak and that I do not. Nor do you :)