Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

I typically don't show up on holidays or weekends, but I needed to work out, so I showed up.  The posted workout was Murph, but I am off running any distance for a while, and 100 pull ups just sounded like pure misery to me.  I know, it's a Hero WOD and it's supposed to represent sacrifice, and I suck for not doing it, but whatever.  I did choose another Hero WOD, however, and modified it with rowing.

“Rowing Michael”

3 rds for time of:

Row 1000m
50 back extensions
50 sit ups

My Time 33:17

The last 25 sit ups were GHD sit ups.  This is probably my slowest Michael time ever, but rowing adds some time.  The humidity was super high today, but it felt good to sweat!   Great workout.

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