Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's a PR kinda day.

75 reps for time of:

Power snatch (Men 75 lbs, Women 55 lbs)
If barbell is dropped from above the knee there is a 10 lateral jumps over barbell penalty.

My time:  7:40 Rx - PR by 2:06

Love this workout.  I'd love to get it down around 5 minutes some day.   However, I'm super proud of my time today, as is a PR by over 2 minutes.  I kinda thought I was heading for a PR but wasn't exactly sure, so I just kept going.  Got a blister on my pinky finger but it's a small sacrifice.  :)

The warm up today was two mini-wods, including double unders.  I managed to set a PR for a set of 30 unbnroken double unders today too! 

Strength was shoulder press, which I totally suck at.  Blah. 

5-3-2-2-1-1-1 @ 55-65-70-75-80-85(f)-80
need serious help on form.  Breck gave me some pointers. 

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