Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Feeling Strong (sorta)

Due to the unfortunate circumstance of my husband having a migraine last night, I managed to grab about an extra hour of sleep.  This made a huge difference in how I felt this morning!  I just can't justify going to bed that early every night, but it felt pretty nice having the extra energy and feeling like I was stronger this morning.


21-15-9 Rep rounds for time of:

Deadlift (Men 225 lbs, Women 155 lbs)
Toes to bar

My time:  8:06, Rx

I was trying like crazy to beat Kelby.  I passed her up on the dead lifts each round, but she came back and caught me on the toes to bar.  She beat me by three seconds!!  But it was fun pushing myself to see if I could win.  I managed to kip about 7 in a row on the first round, but the kip was all but dead after that.  And so was my grip!  Still, a fun workout.

Strength today was Dead Lifts 5 sets of 5, ascending

My loads:  105-135-155-175-205

Love me some deadlifts and that's where I felt strong this morning.

Where I did not feel so strong today was on the warm up.  We did 5 rounds of 1 min of push ups, followed by 1 min rest.  I kind of had an idea my push ups were less than stellar, and I asked and got the cold hard truth.  Yeah.  My push ups really kinda suck.  I sag.  I snake.  My core is weak.  So I buckled down and did them as strict as I could, and it's a LOT harder doing them right than it is just half-assing them, as I have apparently been doing for forever. No more snakey push ups for me.  I'll do them strict and tight even if I have to scale.

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