Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I woke up this morning, so sore from pull ups and box jumps, I was a contemplating mid-week rest day. I rolled over and grabbed my phone to see what the WOD would be, all the time thinking, "the only thing that will drag me out of this bed is Grace". And almost magically, the posted WOD today was Grace! I gleefully got out of bed (slow, because I'm sore) and dug through my stash of workout gear to find my "Grace is my Homegirl" tank top, just for the occasion!

30 Reps for time of:
Clean & jerk (Men 135 lbs, Women 85 lbs)

My time: 5:32, Rx

This is not a PR for me. I'm 58 seconds off my pr here. But, I love this workout with a passion, no matter if I PR or not. I would do Grace once a month if it was posted. I love it that much. Just something about the clean and jerk that I really enjoy. The precision of it? The feeling of power I get when I lock out at the top? I don't know, but I really do enjoy it over any other lift.

So, anyway, today I did pretty well at pushing myself through the entire workout, except after rep 17, I caught myself resting and then I realized...I only have 13 reps to go, why am I resting?!? Costly mistake, but again, totally happy to have started my day with Grace. *smiles*

Strength today was shoulder press, push press, push jerk
rep scheme: 3-3-3
my loads
sp: 55-65-70
pp: 75-80-85
pj: 85-90-95

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  1. Great work on Grace! You rock those oly lift wods.