Monday, January 24, 2011


Today, Breck switched things up a bit. He set "prescribed" for this workout to a higher standard, so that we all are paying closer attention to our form, which in the end only makes us better.

100 Pull ups: strict form, dead hang
100 Push ups: strict form, chest to deck, no stomach sagging, full lockout at top
100 Sit ups: military (fingers interlaced), abmat, butterfly
100 Squats: Overhead Squat with 45 lb bar for men, 35 lb bar for women

Time limit: 30 minutes

I set a time limit of 7:30 for my pullups. I managed 60 in that amount of time, 3 strict dead hang, and 57 kipping, all good form, chin over bar.

Push ups, I did all 100 with strict form. Push ups are a huge weakness for me, but I'm getting there. This segment took me 9:27

Sit-ups were brutal! The combination of butterfly/military/abmat had my abs in a huge knot by about 40. I did all 100 as prescribed. This segment took me 7:59

And that left me with 5:04 to complete 100 OHS with the bar. I managed 66 at the 30 min cutoff.

I made a really great effort on this workout. I've done the entire workout in less than 30 minutes before, but I'm sure my push up form sucked, and I wasn't using a 35 lb bar. So, a good workout this morning that I can be proud of!

Strength today was Back Squats
Rep scheme: 5-3-2 5-5-5
my loads: 85-105-140 155-155-155

I should add here that it felt *amazing* to be doing some heavy back squats today. I've not done anything heavy in a few weeks after my injury from heavy deadlifts. These sets of 5 were tough, and my body tells me exactly when I don't have my core tight...there's no room for mistakes on these, or I will feel low back pain.

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