Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cold & Windy

Thankfully this morning the temp was above freezing, since the WOD included running. The north wind was ridiculous though! I'm guessing about 15mph winds, straight from the north, which is the direction we take off for our run. On the return portion, you couldn't feel it at all.

4 Rounds for time of

400 Meter run
15 Dumbbell thrusters (Men 1/2 bodyweight, Women 1/3 bodyweight)

Post time and dumbbell load to responses.

My time: 19:22, Rx using 25 lb dumbbells

My time today was 2:20 slower than when we did this in July. This just hilights the fact that I have not been running at all. I need to commit to running after work when the weather permits. I am not even going to fool myself into thinking I'll get out and run when it's really cold and windy. I'm just not doing that. But when the weather is decent (+50° and no precip, little wind) I should get out after work and do a mile or two here and there. It helped me last spring, and I know it would benefit me in the workouts. I just need to make myself do it. And I need to sign myself up for a 5K so I'll have a goal.

This past month of CF really has hilighted some weaknesses, mainly my back issues, and of course, my lack of speed. It would be easy to just say "I'm too old for this", but I know better than that. I wouldn't be happy if I just gave up. I need to focus on some positive things to keep myself encouraged. Every day is an opportunity to do better, and I just need to keep pushing.

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